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ORANGE BEACH Remote Controlled Boating Adventure

Fins and Family Fishing's Orange Beach Remote Controlled Boating Adventures combine the fun of being aboard a private cruise in a beautiful coastal location with the excitement of operating awesome remote controlled boats from an actual boat. Our groups aboard our family friendly Remote Controlled Boating Adventures often enjoy the company of sea birds and dolphins as we make our way towards our favorite r/c boating grounds. Our Remote Controlled Boating Adventures are offered aboard a comfortable 25 foot boat with comfortable padded seats and hard top for ample shade. Our r/c adventures are offered in calm, protected inshore waters such as bays and bayous and on calm days out in the nearshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Generally considered best for groups of four or fewer, kids 6 and up, and guest under 300 pounds, our one of a kind Remote Controlled Boating Adventures are offered from late morning until late afternoon daily.


An Inshore Waters Remote Controlled Boating Adventure begins by boarding our awesome charter boat and doing some laid back low speed cruising through gorgeous protected areas such as bays and bayous. As we cruise towards our preferred remote controlled boating locations we will keep a sharp lookout for marine life along the way. We often encounter Sea Gulls, Herons, Pelicans, Ospreys, Eagles, Jellyfish and even Dolphins at almost any point in our adventure.


For our older and more adventurous operators who choose Nearshore Waters Remote Controlled Boating Adventures we take a bit more more exciting path and head out into the waters of the incredible Gulf of Mexico. Just like our inshore waters r/c adventures we will start with a low speed cruise and searching for sea birds and dolphins but that is where things change. Instead of continuing our laid back low speed cruise once we reach the Perdido Pass Bridge we will rev up our 300 horses a bit and head out into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico before braking out the r/c boats.

The actual amount of r/c operating time varies a bit from trip. and is typically impacted most by wind/weather, vessel traffic, battery life, and by the amount of time we spend cruising for dolphins and other wildlife.Our one hour inshore waters Remote Controlled Boating Adventures typically consist of about 40-45 minutes of cruise time and about 15-20 minutes worth of r/c operating. On an average two hour inshore waters Remote Controlled Boating Adventure we get about an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and a half of cruise time and about 30-40 minutes to operate the r/c boats. Near shore waters 2 hour trips include a few additional minutes of higher speed boat riding combined with low speed cruising which typically leaves close a half hour for r/c operating.

Once we have reached our desired operating area on an inshore trip we will deploy special buoys to help mark a course that can be raced. Next we will break out the boats and begin to give each operator a tutorial on how to safely and effectively operate our equipment. After each user gets an opportunity to understand how the boats work we will provide an opportunity for each operator to take a test run in order to get used to the handling of the equipment. Once the test runs have been completed you can choose to race, cruise, or just play. Our nearshore adventures do not typically include the use of buoys due to water depth, current, and waves which means much of our r/c boat operations include linear drag racing, wide loops around the boat, and just free run operating. 


We offer a variety of different boat models in order to help a wide range of ages and skill levels to enjoy operating them. For our younger and less skilled operators we offer specialty toy boats that are fun to use and the easiest to control. Our toy boats start at about eight inches long and can often reach speeds nearing 5 MPH.


For older kids and adults we leave the toys behind and move to our hobby grade equipment. These boats feature a potent 390 sized brushed water cooled motor and operate on 2.4 GHZ marine radio systems. Averaging approximately 17 inches long and 4.5 inches wide our hobby grade boats can reach speeds of nearly 20 MPH (30 KM/H). The deep V design and self righting hull makes flipping the boats harder to do but if it happens don't worry because returning to a race-ready position after a crash is quick and easy.

​If your search for the things to do in Orange Beach has led you to us and we have gotten you fired up about an adventure on the water then call us today at 251-979-2691 or book securely online.

Remote Controlled Boating Adventures​


2 Adults + 2 Children  $225

2 Adults + 2 Children  $325




2 Adults + 2 Children  $375

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